Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sticking to What I Know

So this blog hasn't really been what I imagined. As I've ventured into the political world, I haven't learned as much about the issues as I thought I would. Instead, I've been learning about life. Life lessons belong on my original blog, not here, so if you want to know how my foray into politics is going, stay tuned to Cartoon Brick Wall. At some point, my jumbled thoughts may straighten out enough to appear there in rough form.


David said...

I am a political science major and a long time political activist from a small town in Southern California. The thing about playground politics is that it is much more game than art or science, and a lot of attitude, albeit not always good. I found your link from a Mormon friends post, even tho not a member. Appreciate your resilience over this wild ride that you have taken and has taken (you). Your introduction to politics is "because someone asked me"...an understanding of poltics may never come because of the nature of the wild beast. Your safe haven is your original blog/post and that does well for itself and the critique was genuine and by choice and criticisms are unwarranted when they go over the top. With just a few days to go until the election...the intensity or focus will fade soon and the last line of Robert Redford in the movie "The Candidate" will ring true.A non-members "recommend" in times like this.
For others...maybe the song "I'll Walk With You" from the primary can give them a bit of understanding and insight.
Politics will always be about parts fear and fascination....and the three Ps. And sometimes a Gate is just a Gate.


Assimilated said...

AWOL so soon, Anna. How surprising to see you renege on a promise. I never would have thought.