Tuesday, September 9, 2008


"Cicero lost" commented on my last post: "Engineers and scientists know that all problems are solved by performing trade offs like cost/performance etc. You take a shot at a solution, learn from the mistakes you make and constantly improve. Its why we have come so far in technology. A scientist could work a decade on a problem only to prove himself wrong in the end. The key components to progress are realizing there are trade offs to be made and having the integrity to admit being wrong.

"Does RaDene have those qualities?"

Yes, she does. I think that is part of what she is trying to say when talks about accountability as one of her guiding principles.

When I called RaDene to tell her I had decided to work on her campaign, she told me, "I may not be the best person for the job, but I think I'm better than Bramble." I agree, and I am impressed with her humility in admitting that there are other people out there who could do better than she could--but those people aren't running. She knows she won't be perfect--none of us is--but her sincere desire to serve will motivate her to look for the best solutions, those that serve the greater good, and her humility will allow her to admit when she is wrong and remedy what she can. That is how we progress in politics, in science, in life.

I cannot stress enough that voters should do their homework and get to know the candidates. A friend emailed me (and several of her other friends) today saying, "I met RaDene at the Provo farmer's market on Saturday. She is awesome, totally won my vote, and I think you all should vote for her, too. Don't be afraid of the Democrat label!" RaDene is making herself available to the voters, and when you talk to her you will quickly feel her sincerety and integrity and many of your doubts and reservations will disappear.


Justin said...

someone called me to do a survey tonight and asked me what i thought about bramble.

i just mentioned that he didn't like paying with credit cards for pizza.

and it seemed like the person on the other line had to hold in laugh.

now i find out you are working for his opponent's campaign...could it have been you?

Sad for a While said...

*grins sheepishly*